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Dubai Marina

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July 11, 2023

Dubai Marina: what to do and where to eat

Skyscrapers, restaurants, attractions and everything you cannot miss in this beautiful district of Dubai

Imagine a place where skyscrapers are kissed by the sun, a place that never sleeps, a delightful neighbourhood away from the world of habits and routines, where young people from every corner of the world mingle every day.Now close your eyes and draw in your mind a long walk that runs alongside a peaceful sea and picture all the yachts moored in a wide bay.Something in your heart tells you that such a place is not just in your mind. Dubai Marina, aka Marsa Dubai, rises and shines right in front of The Palm, between Jebel Ali Port and Dubai Internet City, along a three-kilometer stretch of the Persian Gulf shoreline. Marina, an artificial canal city, is inspired by the Concord Pacific Place development of Vancouver. Here, the emerald-green waters are framed by some of the tallest and most architecturally impressive residential towers in the world.

Dubai Harbour

In Dubai Marina, the day starts very early. From the first morning lights, joggers, walkers, boat crews, and early risers sipping their coffee, populate the Marina Walk, one of the world’s most famous beachfront paved walkways. Here, a blend of sea scent and freshly baked croissants fills the air every morning, and bicycles, scooters, and luxury cars flock to this dynamic and thriving area. What strikes the careful viewers is the sharp contrast between the vibrancy and the deep calm that features this particular district of Dubai: just a few steps away from the crowd and all the coming and going, heavens of peace pop up.

Dubai Marina

Surrounded by palm trees and a stunning view over the Dubai Marina skyline, the new Dubai port is set to be a luxury maritime hub and the largest marina in the region, able to berth up to 700 luxury yachts and boats. Bordered by Barasti, a well-known party-goer beach club, the tiny little harbor stretches for a few kilometers to the open sea. The only thing you will hear while walking here will be the sound of the waves and your footsteps!On the other bank, a plane takes off from a small runway, and a few seconds later, the sky is filled with skydivers, whose headquarters is the famous Skydive.

Skydive Dubai

Skydive has welcomed skydiving enthusiasts across the UAE since 2010 and offers adrenaline-fueled tandem skydives to the bravest tourists. But skydiving is not the only adrenaline activity provided by the area. Of 1 kilometer long and 170 meters high, Xline Dubai Marina is the world’s longest urban zip line. Get ready, hold your breath, and fly over the canals and skyscrapers of Dubai at a speed of 80km/h!


If adrenaline does not suit you, the spot par excellence for treating yourself to a moment of well-being away from the frenzy of everyday life is Secret Beach. Originally named Al Sufouh beach, the entrance to this corner of heaven is hidden by palm trees and barely noticeable. The access can be easily missed as there are no significant landmarks nearby. This place never gets crowded. No restaurants, or facilities of any type alter the harmony of nature of this precious beach. Crystal water and white sand are reminiscent of remote tropical beaches.

Secret Beach

If the day starts early in Dubai Marina, the night ends very late.Admiring the sunset lights reflected between the skyscrapers is a must-do for tourists and residents. A nice walk to one of the many restaurants around the neighbourhood usually follows such a spectacle. Whether you’re a fan of Japanese, Mexican, Lebanese, or Egyptian cuisine or just a well-cooked pizza, there’s plenty to choose from in this area of Dubai.

Starting from the location, here, every culinary experience has its peculiarity. In Dubai, you cannot miss Mama Zonia at Pier7 and its tempting array of Asian, Caribbean, and Latin American dishes. Its exotic urban jungle atmosphere will bring you on a journey through the Amazon rainforest that will eventually inspire your creativity, rest your soul and delight your palate.


If all you wish is a peaceful time enjoying the beach vibe, Fish Taverna is what you are looking for. Greek flavors right on the Persian Gulf, warm little lights, candles, and refined tables on the sand will guide you on a pleasant summer night on the Island of Santorini. Unmistakably, the culinary panorama of Dubai Marina had to catch a touch of Made in Italy. Whether you believe it or not, enjoying a pizza in Dubai is almost like eating it in Italy. Massimo’s on the Marina Walk and La Bussola at the Westin Hotel offers a sophisticated location and refined dishes of authentic Italian cuisine.Away from the heart of the business of DIFC, overlooking the sea and crossed by luxury yachts that sail the surrounding canals, Dubai Marina is an effervescent mix of dynamism and relaxation, nature and urbanity, outdoor activities, and astonishing indoor spaces. This area is definitely a place to enjoy the present.But the most beautiful experience in Dubai Marina is waking up and going to sleep a stone’s throw from the sea in the heart of one of the most fascinating metropolises in the world.

Dubai Marina

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