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November 6, 2023

Experience the magic of a flight in a hot air balloon in Dubai

How to admire the desert from above at dawn on an unforgettable adventure

Who has never seen the iconic image of a colourful hot air balloon flying over the Dubai desert? You have to get up early, it’s true, but rest assured, the sun that rises from the dunes and rises until it is perfectly in line with your eyes and then higher, lighting up the sand, which begins to sparkle while the silent, sparsely populated desert awakens, will be among the most unforgettable memories you will take with you from your trip to the Emirates.

The flight lasts between 45 minutes to about an hour, depending on conditions

It is a way to experience perfect communion with the leisurely, profound and uncontaminated soul that Dubai has never lost, despite its excitement and modernity.  Think about it. No engine, no noise, just the heat that inflates this romantic balloon carried by the wind, one of the first means with which man defied gravity, exploring a new dimension, that of the heavens. Don’t worry, the spectacle of infinite vastness that will open before your eyes will make you forget that you are at a height of more than a thousand meters

Fears will then be completely banished if accompanying us on this leisurely adventure is Balloon Adventures Dubai, winner of the World Travel Awards for three years, with its team of expert pilots who know every secret of the area’s climate and landform. 

The flight lasts between 45 minutes to about an hour, depending on conditions.

The experience also includes desert safari and traditional cuisine

The temperatures in Dubai and its desert allow flying from September to May, when the weather is a little more lenient. And not only because the flight is more pleasant, but also because to be able to take flight, the hot air balloon must be surrounded by cool, calm air.

This is why preparation takes place even before the sun rises, but we don’t complain about it: dawn is the most captivating time to fly over the desert and the wait is made exciting with a show of luminous drones that dance for you in the Arabian sky with which this unforgettable experience begins.

And here we are at the long-awaited moment. The huge balloon, still lying on the ground, slowly inflates, you climb on board, the burner is turned on, the hot air balloon slowly lifts off and a whole new vista opens up, ever wider, and the desert unfolds like a golden sea dotted with gazelles, oryxes, camels, and Bedouin villages that become smaller and smaller as we climb, and the sun rises from behind the rocky Hajjar mountains. A postcard that will remain imprinted in your hearts forever That flight, in such close contact with the air, with a view that will never be so clear from the window of an airplane, is pure magic. What do you say? Does this seem like a perfect romantic moment to experience with your loved one? Of course, but also a special memory to share with a small group of friends. As you share the skies with only your loved ones, you can fully immerse yourself in the breathtaking desert surroundings.

Tea and Coffee Welcoming

Around you are other hot air balloons floating among the clouds. An unimaginable treat for photography enthusiasts, who will have the chance to immortalise a truly unique panorama.

Once you land, a vintage Land Rover or luxury Range Rover will meet you and take you to an authentic Bedouin camp where you can enjoy a gourmet breakfast followed, if you wish, by a camel ride or a safari aboard a 4x4 to explore the beauty of the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve, the United Arab Emirates’ first national park, which together with the adjacent Al Marmoom Conservation Reserve, the north-eastern offshoot of the Rub’ al-Khali (‘the empty quarter”), constitutes the largest sand desert in the world. 

If you are looking for an even more unforgettable experience, you can also choose the Desert Safari and Overnight package, which allows you to experience the thrill of a night wildlife drive preceded by a falconry display at sunset

Experience authentic Bedouin cuisine, camel rides and cultural entertainment and then spend the night in traditional Arab stone dwellings before waking up for your exciting hot air balloon ride at dawn.

Flights are scheduled at dawn

For more information about the experiences offered by Balloon Adventures Dubai, Dubai’s premier hot air balloon company, visit the website, on Instagram @balloonadventures_dubai.

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