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Tonino and Ferruccio Lamborghini

text Teresa Favi

May 16, 2022

Our interview with Tonino Lamborghini

The entrepreneur and his natural instinct for Italian excellence in hospitality and real estate

A brand that is a byword for Italian luxury around the world: this is the DNA that for 41 years has distinguished the Tonino Lamborghini company headed by the businessman son and heir of Ferruccio, founder of the legendary Italian car manufacturer. Drawing inspiration from his family heritage and experience in mechanical engineering, Tonino Lamborghini has created an Italian lifestyle brand that includes a wide range of luxury products from accessories to furnishings, food & beverage, electric golf and utility carts, to the latest and most innovative hospitality and real estate, with 5-star hotels and resorts, residential and commercial buildings, coffee bars and restaurants.

The new Tonino Lamborghini furnishings colletcion by Formitalia

A third generation Lamborghini, 31-year-old former champion motorcycle racer Ferruccio, is now part of the company as Vice-President and CEO. The synergy between the board has led in recent years to a significant evolution of the company’s business model, with in-house management of core accessories (watches, eyewear, leather goods) and the creation of new international joint ventures.

What are the key words for Lamborghini DNA?

Enterprise, passion, Made in Italy and creativity.

The Tonino Lamborghini brand grew out of your passions, what are they?

Design, contemporary art, and also antiques, mechanical engineering and engines.

Tonino Lamborghini Apartments and Studios San Paolo, Brazil

What is your greatest merit in the evolution of your brand?

Having been a forerunner on the national scene in the early 1980s, in developing a brand extension strategy that envisaged a wide range of luxury products, innovating and diversifying, while maintaining the brand’s core values.

Today Tonino Lamborghini represents an all-encompassing lifestyle.

Tonino Lamborghini is just that, a Lifestyle Experience Brand with a decisive, strong and recognizable character, highly evocative of the values that typify the history of my family - the passion for mechanical engineering and for Italian spirit – designed for a bold, self-confident consumer, who loves going out of their comfort zone to choose a sensational style.

Tonino Lamborghini Residences, Balneário Camboriú, Brazil

The Tonino Lamborghini Hospitality project has venues in China, Brazil, Egypt, Thailand, with many other countries on the horizon. What are your important elements in the Middle East?

As a high spending market, the Middle East needs high-level partners and projects that meet both the expectations of customers and the brand. We are always looking for partners who can satisfy these requirements, especially for core projects such as hospitality.

What do you love about Dubai, both the spirit of the city and the place?

Its international and innovative spirit, which translates into an incredible long-term vision: Dubai is constantly devoted to development, to luxury. I have always been impressed by the architecture and the city’s magnificent infrastructure. I would call it an open-air “Museum of the Future”.

Tonino Lamborghini Rosso Hotel, Suzhou, China

What is Italian style for the man who helped define it?

It is attention to detail, refinement, a preference for quality, design and services. It is a recognizable and appreciated lifestyle, an integral part of our way of being. Everywhere in the world our customers choose Italian style, whether they are drinking a Tonino Lamborghini coffee or staying in one of our hotels.

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