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Palm Jumeirah

text Cecilia Berardi

February 29, 2024

Palm Jumeirah: what to do and see

Everything you need to know about Dubai's iconic artificial island

Iconic, exotic, luxurious. It appears to fan out over the sea, offering breathtaking views of the Arabian Gulf and the city’s waterfronts. Palm Jumeirah, seemingly emerging from nothing, rising from the sea, and discernible from space, undoubtedly stands as one of the most audacious engineering marvels of the twenty-first century.

The man-made island was created from tons of rock from the Hajar Mountains and sand from the emirate desert and the Arabian Sea. Such an immense amount of rock and sand were utilized in constructing the 2-meter-wide wall that could encircle the globe three times! Then, a crescent-shaped breakwater protects the inner island from the seasonal ‘shamal’ winds blowing across the Gulf from Iraq and the strong sea currents.

Trunk, spine, fronds, and crescent, these are the names by which the sectors of the archipelago resembling a palm tree are known. Today, the 17 fronds are home to around 1,500 beachfront mansions, with a further 6,000 apartments on the trunk.

In the splendid setting of this area, rows of palm trees illuminated at night and beachside venues bring Miami vibes and an exotic atmosphere to West Palm Beach, creating one of the most beautiful promenades in Dubai. Adding to the allure is Koko Bay, a boho-chic oasis perfect for relaxation during the aperitif hour, where to enjoy the marina view and the setting sun directly over the sea.

Palm Jumeirah Tower

Accessing the area is made convenient by the elevated monorail connecting the Palm to the mainland. On this journey, visitors not only reach their destination seamlessly but also take in the panoramic sights of the Palm, extending to the iconic Burj Al Arab, and surrounded by the Arabian Gulf.

However, when faced with the choice of the most awe-inspiring views of the Palm, the decision becomes challenging. In this regard, a visit to The View-Observatory, an elevated public observation deck perched 240 meters above Palm Jumeirah on the 52nd floor of The Palm Tower, is unquestionably essential. Here, the fusion of the sky, sea, and nighttime lights creates a spectacle of unparalleled beauty. But if you fancy the opportunity to swim above the city in what seems like a true oasis in the sky, the AURA Sky Pool at a height of 200 meters is the place for you.

The View terrace

In Dubai, where possibilities seem limitless, not only do you get the chance to enjoy a unique over-the-edge immersion above the city, but you can also have an incredible experience below the waterline at some of the world’s most distinctive accommodations: The Poseidon and Neptune Underwater Suites at Atlantis The Palm, are among the very few underwater hotel rooms worldwide.

But why not embark on an unparalleled adrenaline adventure to admire the captivating silhouette of Palm? In this case, the Dubai Balloon offers a captivating ride, gliding above Atlantis. Located at Poseidon’s Watchtower in Atlantis Aquaventure, the balloon will elevate you to a height of 300 meters. Heralded as the city’s latest ‘aerial adventure,’ this helium balloon is securely tethered to the ground, providing guests with the opportunity to ascend into the sky and enjoy a distinctive perspective over Palm Jumeirah. At Atlantis, you also have the chance to step into a grand homage to the lost city of Atlantis. Immerse yourself in The Lost Chambers aquarium, an extraordinary setting that transports you straight to the ancient submerged kingdom.


Here you will encounter a diverse array of marine life, from majestic sharks to voracious piranhas and the most elegant and curious creatures like seahorses. The aquarium showcases approximately 65,000 different species within a vast capacity of nearly 11 million liters of water, encompassing a total of 21 distinct natural habitats.

If seeking a more hands-on experience, consider booking a snorkeling session or a diving adventure to delve deeper into the captivating underwater world. Overall, for those living in Dubai, the Palm represents the essence of the lifestyle offered by the city-a place where, before putting on suit and tie, the day can start by being gently rocked by the waves, paddling in its waters. For visitors, renting a SUP to explore the coasts can truly be an unforgettable experience, especially if done at sunset.

West Beach

As in every corner of Dubai, even in the area of the Palm, the culinary offering is extraordinary. Excellently represented by the internationally renowned three-Michelin-starred Nobu, it features oriental fusion flavors and a warm, welcoming atmosphere.

Nestled on the crescent’s left side, the restaurant Al Nafoorah transports visitors to the enchanting tales of Arabian Nights, offering a nostalgic journey through the era of Arabesque opulence. With meticulously curated interiors, the restaurant evokes a sense of cultural richness, inviting guests to not only celebrate the past but also experience the captivating essence of Beirut’s charm.

Lucky Fish

Among the culinary treasures of the neighborhood, Lucky Fish, with its coastal ambiance reminiscent of St. Tropez, stands out prominently. Here, diners are invited to embark on a gastronomic journey inspired by the flavors of the ocean and the Mediterranean region. Featuring a menu that showcases the cuisines of Italy, France, and Spain, the place offers guests an immersive experience in beauty and taste.

Certainly, not even in the Palm area could a touch of Made in Italy be missing. On the western frond, Loren aims to recreate the atmosphere of the Italian Riviera, renowned for its refinement and timeless beauty. Loren reminisces about the summers of the 1960s, when the bikini started making waves, and beaches along the over 7,000 kilometers of coastline were reached aboard the Fiat 500, accompanied by the tunes of Fred Bongusto. Indeed, it is in this atmosphere that guests can enjoy, by the seaside, the most renowned specialties of Italian cuisine and wines.

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