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June 29, 2023

Technogym, your gym on the open sea

The world leader in gym equipment arrives on yachts with innovative and uniquely designed solutions

Wellness and healthy lifestyle are undoubtedly one of the dominant trends of the moment in many sectors. As awareness and attention to health increase, there is a growing demand for workout products not only from hotels, resorts and country clubs but also from yachts, which are increasingly acting as second homes and looking to offer new personalized and design workout experiences.

Technogym, with over 35 years of experience in creating wellness solutions, offers innovative and design-oriented products and accessories that represent key elements of distinction in spaces dedicated to fitness, improving both people’s physical and mental well-being. For the wellness on board, Technogym offers Personal Line, the collection of iconic products dedicated to wellness that combines innovation, technology, and design. This collection is the result of the collaboration between Technogym, with its long experience in the development of fitness and wellness products, and the designer Antonio Citterio. Created with refined materials and exquisite craftsmanship, Personal Line is the collection designed to be placed, like beautiful pieces of furniture, in the most elegant and exclusive environments.


As an expert in the world of fitness, the characteristics of the machines and how to position them in the best way to guarantee an optimal training experience, Technogym makes its knowledge available to professional architects and designers for the design of interiors and wellness spaces in the most prestigious environments around the world, with attention to every detail.

Among the perfect equipment to train on board we can find Run Personal, a perfect combination of cutting-edge technology, innovative materials and excellent design. Run Personal is the functional and refined Technogym treadmill that will match the most elegant surroundings, guaranteeing advanced training performance.

Together with Run Personal, Unica is the compact multi-gym for strength training with an iconic design that allows you to do more than 25 exercises for all muscle groups.

A piece of furniture and, at the same time, a gym: Unica combines in a single piece of equipment maximum versatility and an unprecedented ergonomic approach, without neglecting the aesthetic care given by elegant lines that reflect the distinctive features of the Italian design tradition.

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