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photo courtesy Platinum Heritage Dubai

text Virginia Mammoli
photo courtesy Platinum Heritage Dubai

November 15, 2022

The most beautiful tours to do in the Dubai desert

Authentic desert safaris to discover the nature and traditions of a unique place in the world

It may sound counter-intuitive, but only few landscapes are as alive as the desert with its sand dunes that change shape and position according to the wind, as well as their colour which is different at all hours of the day as the light changes. So much so that only few experts know how to orient themselves in this environment, a charming place where time and space lose their meaning and which extends as far as the eye can see. Vast. Unlimited.

Incredible safaris on a vintage Land Rover like those first cars to cross the dunes of the Dubai desert in the 1950s

And it is even more amazing when you think that one of the most beautiful deserts borders one of the most modern cities in the world. You only need to move away a little from the skyscrapers of Dubai to enter another dimension, going from the most luxurious cars to rides on a camel, from the city’s thousand lights to bonfires and starry skies.

Unforgettable experiences surrounded by desert nature, among traditional Bedouin villages in wood and stone

But how can you have this unforgettable experience in the most authentic and safest way? First of all, we are talking about a dangerous place where temperatures can go very high (from 30 degrees in the months between November and March, up to almost 50 degrees in the summer), so it is important to follow some small tips: drink frequently to stay hydrated, wear soft and light linen and cotton clothes, keep your whole body covered to avoid burning and also the head to avoid sunstroke, wear comfortable closed shoes, and wear sunglasses to protect your eyes during the day.

Sustainable travel to conserve the natural environment, wildlife, and culture of Dubai and its peopleUnforgettable experiences surrounded by desert nature

Now that you are well-equipped, we are going to tell you about four of the most beautiful tours that you can have with traditional and authentic safaris accompanied by Platinum Heritage Dubai, on a vintage Land Rover like those first cars to cross the dunes of the Dubai desert in the 1950s. Among traditional Bedouin villages in wood and stone, typical Emirati cuisine, and local customs and culture.

Desert safariUnforgettable experiences immersed in desert nature such as falcon training

Two tours are scheduled for the morning, and so they can only be booked from October until mid-May (to avoid the hottest time of the year). The first tour allows you to learn about Bedouin life directly in a camp, after reaching it by camel just as the nomads of the desert used to. Once at the camp, you can listen to the songs and stories of a storyteller, make friends with a Saluki dog, an ancient Middle Eastern breed, attend a falconry show and watch a traditional dance, and also savour a typical Bedouin breakfast with Balaleet, sweet and savoury tagliatelle flavoured with cardamom and saffron, Bajela, slightly spiced beans with olive oil and lime, Chami, Emirati ricotta served with sweet dates, Chabab, Arab pancakes topped with date syrup and honey, desert truffles and other delicacies, all accompanied with Gahwa, the Arab coffee, and Chai, a black tea made from cinnamon, cloves and cardamom. The second one is perfect for those who are passionate about birds of prey, which in the past used to hunt, and the ancient tradition of falcon training. First you can attend a demonstration of the incredible empathy that exists between a falcon and his falconer and then you can interact directly with the animal, making it fly and land on your glove.

Typical Emirati cuisineTypical Emirati cuisine

The other two tours are instead organised between the afternoon and the evening. This way you can experience the magical atmosphere of the desert at sunset, with the sun disappearing into the sand behind the low line of the horizon until it seems as if it is being swallowed up by the earth. Then you can enjoy a delicious Arabic dinner, relax with an aromatic italics and watch traditional shows such as the Al Ayala dance. Finally, you can return to the city or stay and spend the night in the enchanted atmosphere of a characteristic stone dwelling.

The relaxation of the evening, lit by the village torches

Or also choose to experience the magic of a night that nowhere else is as full of stars as in the desert, miles and miles away from the lights of the city. Go for a stroll with a professional astronomer who will take you on a journey through the galaxies, giving you facts about the starry sky and anecdotes on how the Bedouins used it to find their way until they saw the lights coming from the village torches.

Part of the Heritage Collection, these are just some of the experiences offered by Platinum HeritageDubai (, @platinumheritage on Instagram), an excellent tour operator, winner for six consecutive years of the prestigious World Travel Award, which also offers safaris that include modern and luxury amenities, the latest models of Range Rover cars and exclusive services (Platinum Collection).

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