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Massimiliano Cremonini and Ahmad Alqaz Alfalasi

text Virginia Mammoli

December 13, 2021

The astonishing Rayan Lynch jewellery

Works of art that unite people, cultures, and eras

Although the name by which it is now known throughout the world would not suggest it, the excellence behind the Rayan Lynch brand is 100% Italian and the art, however, knows no boundaries. “Rayan is an Asian name and Lynch is a Nordic surname. I wanted a name that reflects my intention to combine all peoples and cultures in art,” explains Massimiliano Cremonini, the Piacenza artist who created the luxury jewellery brand, winner of numerous international awards including the one received in Kyiv as a successor of Byzantine goldsmith art - his greatest fascination - with a modern interpretation. Rayan Lynch is also included in the book Golden Gamayun that will be presented to the Senate of the Italian Republic in 2022. His jewellery creations, today found in the prestigious showcase of The Jewel Teller in Dubai, are timeless creations, bearers of an ancient heritage and indicators of something that had never been seen before and that never ceases to amaze.

Selene - Rayan Lynch

How did Rayan Lynch begin and before that, how did his passion for the world of jewellery, particularly the Byzantine goldsmith art begin?

Art has no religion. It is unique and universal and therefore only it can unite the cultures and religions of the entire world. This is the idea that gave rise to Rayan Lynch. My passion for modelling and shaping comes from long ago, when I was a boy and watched my father, a painter and sculptor. I also began creating, first with metals like iron and copper, then with gold and precious stones. The history of Byzantium immediately captivated me, especially the incredible ability of the Byzantine goldsmith’s art to modify itself in space and over time. We are talking about an extremely large empire that lasted for over a millennium while always remaining consistent with itself and contemporary with its times. My greatest challenge was to study all its techniques, along with all the mystical and religious symbols, another of my passions, and put them together to create the art of Rayan Lynch.

Which materials and techniques do you prefer?

Gold is the metal that makes generations dream. As for the stones, the ones that fascinate me the most are the ones that tell a story, whether they are precious or not. Those with inclusions, which we call ‘jardins’ (French for garden) are stories to interpret and they help make a piece of jewellery truly unique. In regard to techniques, I had no conventional training, but over time, and thanks to meeting Raffaella Lamanna, an established goldsmith artist also from Piacenza, I learned engraving, twisted wire, soldering, embedding, and bezels, which in turn were “shaped” to create my own personal technique, adapted to the emotional intention that underlies my creations. This is another reason why my jewellery cannot be imitated.

Medievale - Rayan Lynch

What kind of customer are your creations designed for?

Whether man or woman, those who wear my jewellery are individuals who have the courage to dare and the confidence and personality to wear works of art, especially something unique that represents them.

Where do you get the inspiration for your creations and how do they come about?

Each piece of jewellery has a name inspired by a deity. No more than a hundred are created a year, and each one is unique and unrepeatable. Everything starts when a piece of jewellery comes to life in my mind. I don’t draw or use the computer. I go to my workshop and look for the perfect stone, a choice that can take hours or even days and weeks, and I begin to give shape to my idea. The hand improvises with it.

Iconic Rayan Lynch jewellery?

Iconic Rayan Lynch jewellery can be created at any time. Today one could be Elettriona, sapphire and diamond earrings, or Cielo, a piece that is located in Dubai, created on the symbology of the Bible and the Koran.

Elettriona - Rayan Lynch

How did you collaboration with Mr. Ahmad Alqaz Alfalasi begin?

As luck would have it, my dear friend and collaborator, Stefania Ripamonti, was chosen by Mr. Ahmad Alqaz Alfalasi, co-founder of The Jewel Teller, to be his jewellery designer. As an expert goldsmith and admirer of creations made in Italy, when Stefania showed him my creations, he appreciated them right away, which led to an outstanding collaboration that is still evolving today. To be in the most prestigious showcase in Alserkal, the Dubai art district, is a great opportunity and an honour.

Your next piece of jewellery?

It is starting to emerge and I will present it in Dubai. It will be a sculptured ring in gold, engraving, pearls, and diamonds, inspired by the mythology of the people belonging to the history of Byzantium at the end of its period. It will be a very unique piece of jewellery.

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