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PalazziGas Events are staged in some  of the world’s most exclusive locations. Here, Palazzo Vecchio in Florence

text Teresa Favi

December 13, 2021

In the world of Palazzigas Events

Simone Casiglia, general manager of the company, tells us about the world of the most exclusive international events

Behind great events there is always great direction. This is what PalazziGas Events specializes in, a company founded in Rome, with a branch also in Dubai, and the name behind many of the biggest, most exclusive international events held in locations of rare beauty. The latest was the famous Giorgio Armani fashion show in Dubai, which joined a long portfolio of sophisticated dinners and parties commissioned by other prestigious high fashion brands, such as number of fashion shows and galas for Fendi, but also by well-known film industry names, luxury car manufacturers and large multinationals. We let General Manager Simone Casiglia tell us about this world of wonder and elegance.

Simone Casiglia, General Manager and partner of palazzigas events

What is the leitmotif of your style?

We founded PalazziGas Events in 2007 with the merger of Palazzi Agency and Gas Communication’s events units – two enterprises specialized in logistics, communication and public relations. This encounter allowed us to create a highly structured group, thanks to which we are able to offer a complete range of services to our customers. We have always shared the desire to celebrate our country - Italy is part of our DNA, it teaches us on a daily basis what quality and beauty mean.

What is the secret to surprising the public?

For us, planning an event means telling a story and putting it on stage. The empathy and the bond we establish with our customers allows us to read their less obvious needs and understand their visions. It is meticulous attention to detail that amazes our audience, our fresh ideas and expert execution.

Vigna Barberini, in Rome, a stone’s throw from the Colosseum

How does the concept of made in Italy translate into all of this?

The Made in Italy brand is synonymous with perfection in details, research, elegance and style. This corresponds exactly with our way of thinking about events: we always try to focus on those nuances and details that can make the difference, thanks to a workforce of real Italian expertise. This kind of style and creativity is particularly appreciated also in the United Arab Emirates, and this is why we have chosen to establish our second office in Dubai.

What experiences does the impeccable timing that typifies your events come from?

With the respective histories of our sister companies, we have notched up 25 years of experience in the fields of design and production, logistics and public relations. Rhythm and timing are undoubtedly the dominant factors of our work: everything must flow in a perfect and extremely natural way, to the point that guests do not perceive our presence on the scene. To do this, all our ideas respond to a detailed feasibility analysis.

From the left: Francesco Palazzi (Chairman and partner), Simone Casiglia and Giampaolo Rossi (CEO and partner)

How do you identify the best interpretation of an environment?

The search for exclusive locations able to express the beauty and uniqueness of our country, is one of the fundamental processes in our design method. We are used to working in locations of rare exclusivity and delicacy, our task is to enhance their beauty, respect their nature and provide our guests with a unique experience within them. 

What are the events and locations you have most loved among those created so far?

We always remember with pride the haute couture fashion shows and related gala dinners commissioned by Fendi in Rome: among the most memorable are those on the terrace of the Pincio, and at Vigna Barberini, near the Colosseum. As for the United Arab Emirates, Giorgio Armani’s One Night Only 2021 held in Dubai Springs immediately to mind.

What is the perfect communication situation?

Events have effectively become an integrated communication tool, an element of a much broader strategy. When does communication reach perfection? When emotions become memories. If we manage to remain in our guests’ memories, we can say we have been successful. We could describe ourselves as emotion engineers.

Ways of creating relationships between human beings have undergone changes in recent times, but now more than ever we have rediscovered the importance of the live experience. What will the future be?

Nowadays, when we talk about an event, more and more reference is made to the definition of ‘live communication’. Never has a definition been more fitting. The social nature of events will remain of particular importance, but certainly the greater prominence of digital technology caused by the historical phenomenon we have experienced will be an inevitable plus for our sector. It will help us create more desirability compared with a product created to be experienced by a select few.

Giorgio Armani’s One Night Only 2021 in Dubai

So how did you experience this restart?

We carried on with the planning of several events during the pandemic, including Giorgio Armani’s One Night Only Dubai. We were already in full production when the government closed the borders and turned off the lights of all the shows. Being able to finally stage it and achieve such great success, means a lot to us. The idea of sustainability was also of particular importance: we can describe it as the first of a series of events with a focus on environmental awareness.

In what sense?

Together with the brand we opted for the lightest possible production to try to minimize the environmental impact - recyclable materials, LED lights, electric cars for guests, carbon emissions offset by investments in nature etc.  A confirmation of the collective awareness of the future, given that our agency has already been involved for some time in the process of managing and organizing sustainable events in line with ISO 20121.

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