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Dubai Italia Experiences
March 7, 2023

Where to find the Dubai Italia Experiences magazine in Dubai

Hotels restaurants & events: find out where you can pick up and flip through a free copy of the magazine

The magazine Dubai Italia Experiences - in partnership with the Khaleej Times - exists for the purpose of portraying this capital of tomorrow through the beauty and Italian style that have always been its distinguished features.

Dubai Italia Experiences magazine

A magazine devoted to discovering this cosmopolitan city, now one of the world capitals for luxury, where high-end values are represented by the Italian lifestyle and the allure of the finest Made in Italy.

Dubai Italia Experiences magazine at DIFC

We aim to lead you across a Dubai where relations with Italy are an enduring love affair, we will share each experience with you through beautiful stories that offer unprecedented glimpses on lifestyle, restaurants, design, fashion, music and events.

Dubai Italia Experiences at Sushisamba

These become even more captivating when they are told from futuristic locations such as the sail-shaped Burj al- Ara, the top of the Burj Khalifa skyscraper, during a stroll along the iconic The Walk: the bustling beachfront boulevard overlooking the Persian Gulf, or the rooftop of the Dubai Frame. Page after page, you will discover a fulfilling city, described using direct and brilliant language.

Ferrari World Abu Dhabi

The visuals flow in unison with the pace of the narrative: you can pick up and browse a copy of the magazine in the lounges of the city's finest hotels, the most exclusive Beach Clubs, and the best restaurants and nightclubs.

Dubai Italia Experiences at CiprianiBeach Club Gallery 7/40

You can also find dedicated totem displays containing the Dubai Italia Experiences magazine right at the entrance of DIFC, the thriving heart of Dubai, at Ferrari World Abu Dhabi, as well as in the city's top event exhibition areas such as the Dubai International Boat Show (DIBS), the world's most prestigious expo showcase of luxury yachts, for which Dubai Italia Experiences was a media partner this year.

Dubai Italia Experiences magazine at Dubai International Boat Show


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