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text Teresa Favi

December 13, 2021

With David Overi to the discovery of Formitalia Luxury Group

A journey in the world where art, luxury and design generate positive energy

A well-established, influential company on the Italian design scene, Formitalia Luxury Group was founded in Tuscany in 1968.  It is a story of success and great insights. Like Mirabili, a brand where the boundary between art and design tends to disappear, and the Tonino Lamborghini and Aston Martin licenses with which Formitalia entered the contract sector. As well as a gallery in the most radical chic district of Florence, the Oltrarno, on the piano nobile of the 16th century Palazzo Nazi, where contemporary art marries designer furniture in coherent evolution with the company’s international DNA. A true total living system completely Made in Italy that goes as far as the furnishings of prestigious villas in the most exclusive locations, Formitalia Luxury Group has been present in the Emirates, in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, since 1997 with its Tonino Lamborghini and Aston Martin licenses. We talk about it with David Overi, today at the helm with his brother Gianni.

David and Gianni Overi

What are the cornerstones of your products?

Quality, leading brands, fine materials. Charm and luxury increasingly oriented towards minimalist, contemporary design. A modern style where essential lines are enhanced by sophisticated materials and finishes, distinguished by a proudly made in Italy craftsmanship

What are your assets in Dubai?

We opened the first showroom in Dubai 25 years ago, then with the evolution of the market - especially with our Aston Martin and Tonino Lamborghini licences - we concentrated on big property and real estate projects. We have a particular eye for furnishing private residences and public spaces, and we work in synergy with architects and interior decorators. 

Do you remember your first day with the company?

No, but I remember the first time I saw furniture made by us in Australia. I was studying marketing at Sidney University, still uninterested in the business founded by my father. I was surprised to discover they were his.

A quick word on the Made in Italy concept.

Made in Italy means fashion to me, and it reminds me of our collaboration with Paolo Gucci in the mid-Nineties, the time of his turbulent exit from the family business. It marked a watershed in our company’s history, fostering the acquisition of a feeling for special leathers and stitching and finishes of a certain type.

Aston Martin, Formitalia

What is the style of the furniture Tonino Lamborghini and Aston Martin?

They reveal the identity and the impeccable quality that have always distinguished the two luxury brand, each in its own way. Highly technological details involving the use of carbon fibres and lightweight materials, fine leather finishes and fabrics such as hand-woven boiled wool and cashmere. 

What is Formitalia’s goal for the future?

Expand the hotel and real estate market on one hand, and continue our interest in contemporary art on the other. 

Which is your Dubai?

I love The Palm, but also the whole downtown area where I often go as the guest of many friends.  

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