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Deepti Chandak
Deepti Chandak Deepti Chandak
June 7, 2023

The strength and style of Deepti Chandak

Let's get to know better the well-known Dubai-based content creator, founder of Luxpresso Magazine

Deepti Chandak

How did you become one of the best-known and highly regarded content creators in the Middle East?

I started in 2012, it was still very new. I guess I got the first mover advantage and since then, I have been very consistent with my content. I still see that people who were following me in the first week are still around. I am who I am because of the love I got from them.

What motivated you to enter the fashion industry?

I wasn’t a fashion person. Fashion happened when I was employed in the luxury fashion industry as a media manager in Dubai. My boss, Karima Liusie, was my mentor and she inspired me a lot. I learned a lot from her about fashion and also how to conduct one’s life with dignity and poise. She set a great example to maintain work-life balance.

Dubai and Fashion in 3 must-see addresses.

I love visiting the Dubai Mall to have a look at what’s happening in the fashion world. If I know exactly what I want to shop then I go to the Mall of the Emirates as it’s easy to navigate. I find D3 very interesting. Such a cool vibe!

Any collaboration you particularly enjoyed?

I was featured in the advertising campaign for Emaar and Dubai mall and that campaign played at The Dubai Mall Screens, Reel Cinemas and Emirates In-flight Entertainment for many months. Spain Tourism campaign was brilliant. I also enjoyed working with Malta Tourism, Mauritius, Brunei, Philippines and my recent best was Slovakia. In the fashion category my best collaboration has been the watches: Zenith, Hublot, Tag Heuer and Bomberg in Switzerland.

How did your Luxpresso Magazine come about?

When the world was stuck in lockdown, I used my time on starting my dream magazine - Luxpresso. It’s a definitive guide to the luxury lifestyle in the world with features on fashion, people, design, accessories, travel, arts and culture.

Your favorite restaurants.

Seva Table with amazing Boho vibes, but also Pai Thai and Thiptara, two Thai places.

Deepti Chandak Deepti Chandak

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