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Rossella Catapano
Rossella Catapano I gioielli di Rossella Catapano I gioielli di Rossella Catapano
June 7, 2023

Into the world of Rossella Catapano

The well-known influencer and jewellery designer talks about her passions and projects

Rossella Catapano

How did you develop a passion for jewellery design?

I grew up watching my mother working as a jeweler. A unique passion for this particular field, difficult but extremely fascinating, which stimulates the imagination of any designer, gradually took shape over the years.

Your jewellery has become an international phenomenon, coveted by celebrities and jet set people. What is your secret?

I love life, and I possess an innate positivity. Perhaps this is the secret, or rather, the language I express in my creations which people are able to connect with. Energy moves the world and makes even the most lifeless people vibrate.

What is your philosophy?

All my little objects contain a thought, a feeling, a frame of mind. They have simple and linear shapes evoking children’s drawings.

Your sources of inspiration?

Whatever is an experience and stimulates my perception can be a source of inspiration and take shape in a piece of jewellery.

Are you more oriented toward the shape, the content or the magic?

The look of my jewellery pieces, although it is obviously static, expresses harmony, brightness and something enchanting.

You often travel to Dubai, the city to which you dedicated a silver necklace. What do you love about this city?

Dubai was a real find. It is actually my second home by now. There is a mutual feeling between Italy and the Arabian culture, they have the love of beauty and strong values (family, respect, work) in common. This place opens its doors to anyone and offers you great opportunities. Meritocracy wins.

What does Dubai  enjoy about the Italian lifestyle?

When I say that I’m Italian, that I come from Naples and spend summertime in Capri, the answer is: “Really? Amazing!”, and I am filled with joy. Dubai (just like the rest of the world I believe) loves Italy and the Italians because basically we are unique! Friendly, elegant people who enjoy life. Magical.

Rossella Catapano I gioielli di Rossella Catapano I gioielli di Rossella Catapano

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