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Mattia Fiorindo
Fima Carlo Frattini Fima Carlo Frattini Fima Carlo Frattini
June 7, 2023

Mattia Fiorindo, CMO of Fima Carlo Frattini

Our interview between Design, Made in Italy and sustainability

Mattia Fiorindo

Green, Quality, Design. These three values together represent the historic quality of Fima Carlo Frattini. How did your company become what it is today?

Fima Carlo Frattini was founded in the 1960s and right from the beginning, we placed emphasis on the quality of the products and the production process. We have always paid attention to sustainability and design in the development of our corporate identity, but especially in the last 20 years, they have become an essential element, a real way of thinking and operating our company. Today, it is impossible to design a quality product without considering its sustainability, and since they are also produced in Italy, design and functionality are also the elements on which we base our production process.

When you think about the beauty of Dubai, which of your collections do you think would best represent it and why?

The SO collection, as it is ideal to meet the sophisticated needs of the Dubai market. The sophistication of its design, combined with the innumerable customisation options, make this product perfect to satisfy any type of needs. From the most modern and minimal projects, to the most exclusive residences where clients need a product, which can stand out and be the most beautiful element of the entire bathroom.

What are your plans for the future?

The future is sustainability and the design needs to become increasingly functional, aiming at improving everyday life.

Made in Italy. A brand, a symbol, an idea. What does it mean for Fima Carlo Frattini?

Made in Italy design is a real religion for us. We believe it is a value that needs to be safeguarded to protect its credibility as it is at risk of becoming increasingly inflated and marred. Our greatest joy is when our customers visit our company and are almost amazed to discover that really every single production phase is carried out in our factories.

What are the exclusive features of a tap by Carlo Frattini?

The detail. Quite often, a product that may look simple at first sight, contains technological solutions that make it a unique piece of design, and this means exclusive and cutting-edge products.

Fima Carlo Frattini Fima Carlo Frattini Fima Carlo Frattini

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