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Piero Giglio
Chic Nonna Exterior Bar at First Floor Wine Cellar, Chic Nonna
May 13, 2022

Piero Giglio tells us about his new project with Vito Mollica

Let's discover Chic Nonna Dubai with its Managing Director

Piero Giglio

How did Chic Nonna Dubai come about?

It was conceived by the Mine & Yours Group. With the team, we adapted the idea for the context of Dubai, where I’ve been working for 15 years.

How important is your collaboration with chef Vito Mollica?

Thanks to his experience on the international scene, Vito quickly understood the demands of a city like Dubai. I couldn’t have a better partner; we were immediately in agreement on how to take the project forward in the best possible way.

What’s the philosophy behind the new restaurant?

It’s intrinsic in the name: tradition, culture, design, sophistication, high-quality food and beverages, service, location and entertainment.

Vito Mollica’s dishes focus strongly on the raw ingredients; where do they come from?

We work with the best suppliers in Dubai, who, in turn, work with top Italian and international companies to source the excellent products Vito needs to create our menus.

A dish we shouldn’t miss.

Vito’s cult signature dish: cacio e pepe cavatelli pasta with marinated red prawns and baby squid.

You’ve lived in Dubai for 14 years; why did you choose it?

I quickly saw Dubai’s potential and felt it could become an international capital for hospitality, which I really wanted to be part of.

What are the most noticeable trends on theDubai restaurant scene?

Today’s international clientele are used to fine dining as it is in New York, Los Angeles and other world capitals. The expectation is always that it should be an experience, and the restaurant is seen as a place not just to eat dinner, but to spend the whole evening, with a particular focus on design, location, quality food, the beverage list, the lounge bar and the atmosphere.

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Burj Al Arab, Palm Jumeirah and Juzur al-Alam (The World).

Chic Nonna Exterior Bar at First Floor Wine Cellar, Chic Nonna

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