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Umberto Bazzi
Bazzi Interiors Bazzi Interiors Bazzi Interiors
June 7, 2023

Umberto Bazzi, President and CEO of Bazzi Interiors

The timeless elegance of bespoke furniture

Umberto Bazzi

Can you tell us how it all began?

It started in 1972 when my father and his siblings decided to offer their customers high-quality furniture that would reflect their own personalities and their love of classical culture. This desire soon became a genuine company mission. Quality and traditional craftsmanship combined with state-of-the-art machinery and exquisite materials remain our cornerstones to this day, as we continue to produce bespoke furniture that really makes a difference.

What do you find most fascinating about wood as a material?

Everything, its sensory appeal, smell, texture, variety of colours. The fact that it’s alive, even when it becomes a piece of furniture.

How important is the ‘Made in Italy’ aspect for you?

It’s essential. A real guarantee of quality, ingenuity and creativity. That’s why we still make everything in-house, always starting with exceptional materials.

What are the Bazzi Interiors’s style, customer experience and service?

To us, an item of furniture is like a bespoke garment. Materials, processes and finishes combine with the desire to create interiors that are elegant and always different. It’s not about fashion, it’a a matter of personal taste. So, it’s natural that for us customer experience and service - including after sales - are everything! When they say “the customer is always right”, it sounds banal. But for us it’s not. Because every customer is different and has their own personality and their own way of occupying their home with quality.

An interesting fact about your huge archive of designs, projects and samples?

There are so many of them that we haven’t yet managed to produce all the models we’ve inherited!

Your furniture graces beautiful homes all over the world. What’s the most prestigious job you’ve done to date?

Confidentiality for our customers is part of the service we offer. But I can tell you we furnish houses and apartments for politicians, celebrities and lovers of art with a capital A.

Bazzi Interiors Bazzi Interiors Bazzi Interiors

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