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Carlo Scavone
F.R.N.D.S. Grand Cafe Lucky Fish Gallery 7/40
April 26, 2023

Carlo Scavone and the art of truly exclusive hospitality

The winner of the Hospitality Awards 2021 tells us about the new FRNDS Grand Cafe Dubai

Carlo Scavone

Tell us how you first got into this field.

I took my first steps in Dubai after completing my law degree. As soon as I arrived, I realised the importance of the five-star hospitality and events sector in this part of the world. Obviously, over time I’ve fine-tuned my skills, but it definitely stemmed from what’s been the driving force of my whole life: passion for everything I do and for this reason I decided to join Soho Family Hospitality, because of their passion for every detail of their projects and the drive for brand development locally and internationally.

F.R.N.D.S. Grand Cafe is the new-concept venue of this hospitality group that reflects the contemporary modernity of a loft and the opulence of Art Deco style. Tell us why we absolutely shouldn’t miss it?

This is the first concept that in the heart of Downtown Dubai, offers an immersive experience from early in the morning to late at night. From breakfast on the elegant Parisian style terrace with the creative dishes of our Pastry Chef Kevin Jouhrier, to lunch or dinner with the Mediterranean cuisine of Head Chef Matthis Grosjean or pure Omakase-style Japanese from Chef Adel Zhumagaziev. If you’re into late nights, you definitely shouldn’t miss the nocturnal side of F.R.N.D.S. Grand Cafe which is the Secret Room but I’m not going to tell you more, because you need to discover it by visiting us as soon as possible!

What’s the most memorable event you’ve organised in Dubai?

I think the most important evening of my career has to be when I organised the final public performance of the triple Oscar-winner and maestro Giorgio Moroder. It was an iconic night for Dubai, featuring all his hits and plenty of fabulous disco music.

The most exclusive desire you’ve satisfied for a guest?

It was for a romantic American client who wanted to propose to his beloved. I booked the terrace on the top floor of the world’s tallest building, the Burj Khalifa, and scattered it with rose petals in three different colours; there was a special menu, accompanied by live music from a world-famous artist, exclusively for the couple, organizing all in 24 hours.

You won a Hospitality Award 2021 in the category ‘Leading Hotel Nightlife Venue’. What are your must-haves for a night out?

My ideal night would be to move between our stunning venues, which are in the city centre and Palm Jumeirah, enjoying the journey on my Harley, accompanied by the sounds of the city.

F.R.N.D.S. Grand Cafe Lucky Fish Gallery 7/40

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