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Leonardo Baiocchi
Dubai at Jumeirah Beach Dubai at Jumeirah Beach Dubai at Jumeirah Beach
October 24, 2022

Our interview with Leonardo Baiocchi

The General Manager of the Four Seasons Resort Dubai at Jumeirah Beach and Regional Vice President of all hotels in the UAE and Italy

Leonardo Baiocchi

What does it mean to be part of Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts?

I have been wearing the Four Seasons brand on my heart since 1993, it is actually the only brand I have ever represented. From my first day in Four Seasons Hotel Milano, I realised it is a way of thinking, an attitude and a promise to be nothing short of excellent.

From your privileged observatory as Regional Vice President, what are the added values of Italian spirit in the hospitality sector?

We, Italians, are privileged to come from a culture that celebrates art and aesthetic and we can be naturally talented at adding elegance to hospitality, a people’s industry, where having a bit of Italian charm certainly helps!

What ‘Made in Italy’ things are appreciated in Dubai?

Our supercars, but also design, arts, shopping brands, furniture. And of course, Italian Restaurants are everywhere.

The most exclusive experiences you offer your guests?

Our team are experts at arranging bespoke experiences and services. From proactively booking a guest’s favourite table at a local dining spot to setting up private suite dinners with celebrity chefs, or shipping in a rare antique to add to the suite décor, no request is too small, too strange or too big. Most of our guests come here to enjoy the beach, with our Luxury cabanas where they can enjoy a shaded space, absolute privacy and premium butler service.

What experiences do you offer your guests to experience the real Dubai outside the hotel?

My personal recommendation is to experience the desert and learn about the Bedouin way of life thanks to our ‘Great Desert Escape’ in a vintage 4x4. In the morning, a hot air balloon ride takes guests up for a once in a lifetime view of the desert sunrise.

Where would you take me if I visited Dubai?

Dubai Downtown is a great place to go and see Dubai for the first time, marveling at the city’s architecture from the top. An espresso to follow by the Dubai Fountains is also a must. Next stop would be Mercury Lounge, on the rooftop of Four Seasons Resort Dubai, to admire the Arabian Gulf and the city skyline as the sun sets.

Dubai at Jumeirah Beach Dubai at Jumeirah Beach Dubai at Jumeirah Beach

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